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The UCL Institute for Global Health (IGH) is an interdisciplinary collaboration of leading academics based at  the UCL Institute of Child Health, working on health and development in a global context. Our current programmes aim to promote the health, nutrition and welfare of children and their families in less-developed countries. IGH's vision is for a world where international policy on global health is informed by world class research. A core team of 43 research and teaching staff and 4 business and administration staff generate annual income in excess of £7 million. We reach 280 students each year with our global health modules and undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and a further 350 UCL medical students through our core teaching in the fourth year MBBS programme. IGH aims to support the development of robust solutions to aspects of the world's major global health challenges through scholarly outputs, education, public engagement, translational research and ultimately by influencing public policy and professional practice. At present there are 250 staff across UCL who are working on some aspect of global health, thus our reach is wide and the potential for novel collaborations is great. Our research links in South East Asia, Southern Africa and China are particularly strong.