Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé (IRSS), Burkina Faso

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Founded in 1997, the Institute of Research in Health Sciences (IRSS) is one of the 4 specialized units of the National Centre of Scientific and Technologic Research. The research unit on HIV/AIDS and reproductive health is part of IRSS and was created in 2006. It aims to ensure coherence in and to provide support to research on HIV/AIDS and reproductive health.

In the field of reproductive health IRSS conducted a study on female genital mutilation practices in collaboration with ICRH. It also did research on the impact of the abolition of user fees on the utilization of health services and the impact of the gratuity of emergency neonatal and obstetric care on maternal mortality.

IRSS also implemented a Demographic and Epidemiologic Surveillance System in Kaya (KaDESS) in the northern part of Burkina Faso. This surveillance system covers a population of 54,785 people and serves as a platform for research on HIV, reproductive health and health systems.