International Centre for Reproductive Health - Kenya (ICRHK), Kenya

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ICRHK was established as an international research organization in 2000.

ICRHK recognizes and employs a multidisciplinary approach in tackling problems related to sexual and reproductive health, by integrating medical analysis with legal, social, cultural, health policy and economic considerations. ICRHK also aims to contribute to the improved accessibility of a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services by integrating family planning, safe motherhood, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STI) prevention and treatment, and discouragement of harmful practices such as female genital mutilation and sexual and gender based violence in the general health care.

ICRHK experiences cover all areas of reproductive health with special emphasis on HIV/AIDS and STI prevention and treatment, family planning (including long term methods), safe motherhood, prevention and treatment of sexual and gender based violence, adolescents reproductive health and rights and prevention and treatment of cervical cancer. Activities are characterized by gender equity and human rights principles. 

In addition to the general population, ICRHK strives to include the most at risk populations in all its reproductive health programmes.

ICRHK is a non-governmental research organization that not only works at the community level, but also feeds back information to the government and other stakeholders to assure wide dissemination of data and outcomes.