Work package 5 - Implement an optimum package of postpartum interventions and monitor the implementation at each study site


Overall objective

To implement and monitor the selected interventions for postpartum and newborn care at the research sites in Burkina Faso, Kenya, Malawi and Mozambique.


Specific objectives
  • To introduce the developed intervention packages within the health system of the 4 selected research sites;
  • To monitor the implementation of the intervention packages through a set of selected monitoring indicators and through site/supervision visits to the research sites; and
  • To evaluate the implementation process and provide assistance and recommendations if the implementation is hampered or delayed.



This work package corresponds with the third research phase and with stage 5 (translation of decision into action) and 6 (operational evaluation) of the health system research approach.

To enhance the implementation of the selected packages of interventions a methodology for implementation and monitoring of postpartum interventions and services will be developed. At each study site implementation needs will be assessed and an implementation and monitoring plan will be devised. The plan will include scheduling of activities needed for smooth project implementation; e.g. organizing of training, development of guidelines, meeting with health officials, supervision and monitoring.

For monitoring a set of realistic indicators will be selected focused on measuring inputs, processes and outputs of implementation. Most of these indicators will be site-specific and tailored to the selected interventions package. However, a set of common indicators will be identified to enable comparison of implementation across the four study sites. Monitoring will be a continuous process. Every 6 months a brief monitoring report will be compiled and disseminated. Based on the findings of these reports, implementation plans may be adapted to enhance the implementation process.

The expected outcome of work package 5 is to have a smooth implementation of the selected packages of interventions at each of the study sites.