Work package 1 - Consortium and project management


Overall objective

To ensure that the consortium partners interact efficiently to achieve the research objectives and to implement the planned innovative interventions in a rational manner.


Specific objectives 
  • To ensure the contractual, legal and ethical management of the consortium by settling the consortium agreement;

  • To make sure that partners agree on common procedures for project management, communication, coordination, decision making, organization of meetings and workshops, and operational procedures for timely and accurate reporting to the European Commission;

  • To ensure that the research activities and implementation of the planned interventions progress according to the work package objectives and time plan and that work package deliverables are produced on time according to the deadlines;

  • To ensure that the project is closely linked to and complements other regional and international standards;

  • To ensure the administrative and financial management of the consortium; and

  • To ensure adequate communication among all consortium partners and with the European Commission.


The consortium agreement will stipulate the working modalities and responsibilities of the consortium partners. The project management structure has been kept as simple as possible to encourage dynamic interaction between the partners. The consortium coordination is to be done by the University of Ghent, who will appoint a consortium coordinator, a consortium project manager and a consortium project administrator. The seven other consortium partners will each appoint a project manager. Four project administrators will be appointed by the African partners to provide all the secretarial and logistical support needed for the field work and to keep track of the financial administration.

A Project Management Team will be established at the onset of the project and act as the decision making and monitoring body: since all project managers will participate in the Project Management Team, they will -by mutual agreement- take decisions with respect to the scientific and technical aspects of the research, the work plans and the budgets, and they will monitor the performance of the consortium partnership, the timely achievement of milestones and deliverables, and the appropriate financial and scientific reporting to the EC. The Project Management Team will appoint a Scientific Advisory Board and approve the proposed composition of the local Policy Advisory Boards in the four African countries.

The consortium project manager (University of Ghent) will develop administrative and scientific tools and procedures for the project management, ensure sufficient and efficient communication among all consortium partners and with the European Commission, and will supervise the partners' responsibilities regarding reporting and financial accountability.

The expected outcome of work package 1 is to have a rewarding and productive scientific collaboration between the eight consortium partners and to have a smooth roll-out of the project's design.