Study Design


The overall research in this study is divided in 5 phases shown in the figure below, together with corresponding research outputs. These phases follow the health system research basic methodology framework.

The study is designed as a set of case studies, enabling comparison of process and outcome indicators in each site before and after intervention, as well as comparison across study sites. Study instruments will be developed and standardized to ensure that the same study measures are collected before and after intervention, and across sites. Case study research of four country settings will be used to inform future decisions about the optimum design and configuration of postpartum services for improving maternal and newborn health outcomes in different settings. Facility- and community-based services will be assessed (phase 1 and 2).

Formal evaluation of the processes and effectiveness will include assessment of the health policy and systems determinants of effective and sustainable postpartum services (phase 5).

Five phases of the research project phases and corresponding outputsResearch _project