Direct contribution of the MOMI Project to Millennium Development Goals Four and Five 


Given the current levels of maternal and child mortality, it is apparent that the Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 cannot be met without a substantial reduction in the rates of mortality among women in the postpartum and newborns. In high-mortality countries, most women and newborns presently receive few services in the first days and first week after childbirth, a period which is crucial for child and maternal survival. Interventions which promote the health of mothers and their newborns during this postpartum period could thus have a major impact on the Millennium Development Goals.

Through research investigating the optimal way of capitalizing on missed opportunities to provide services for postpartum women and newborns, the MOMI consortium is committed to making a marked impact on maternal and child mortality, and to demonstrating the role of postpartum services in achieving this. These findings will have relevance to other African countries, but also beyond. With a positive outcome, the proposed strategy and combined community-facility focus could become an important component of the global approach to maternal and newborn health.